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Book a room

For booking your stay please contact us by filling the form below or feel free to contact us by phone: +40 258 701 004

Exclusive rates for members and golf players. Reservations at

1. Check in – Check out:

Check in – from 14:00

Check Out – up at 12:00

2. Policy on pets:

Pets are not allowed.

3. Accepted Credit Cards:

Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro, Mastercard

4. Policy about smoking:

Non-smoking rooms are exclusive.

5. Policy about room booking:

Please confirm your reservation by email or phone on arrival day, morning until 10:00. Unconfirmed reservations will not be honored, except those paid in advance. Non-smoking rooms are exclusive.


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Data protection

1. Data operator
The operator of the personal data collected via this Internet page is: 
We commit to protect your personal data and to comply with the Romanian legislation on the protection of personal data and the free circulation of this data (in accordance with the provisions of Law no. 677/2001 and the norms issued for its application, as well as any other normative acts which will become effective in this regard). This Data Protection Page emphasizes the type of information that is collected by us on this Internet page, and the manner in which we use and protect it. This Statement also specifies your data protection rights, and will indicate how you can contact us. This Statement applies only to this Internet page. For example, it does not apply to banners, commercials or promotions we could sponsor or take part in, on pages owned by third parties.

This Statement contains general information, for prior information purposes.
Any personal data processing operation performed by this page will be accompanied by detailed and explicit information, which will allow you to make adequate choices, in accordance with your legitimate rights, applicable as the case may be.

2. Personal data and its use
(a) What we collect and why
When we refer to "personal data", we mean information we collect from you, based on which you can be personally identified. Usually, this information can include your name, address, telephone number (including mobile number), information on credit cards, pseudonyms, e-mail addresses, age, sex and marital status, but it also include other information, such as shopping habits and preferences and lifestyle details, such as hobbies and interests. We assure you we will collect no personal data when you visit our page, unless you voluntarily provide this information, by a manifestation of express and unequivocal will in this regard.

When you provide personal data to us by this Internet page, we will expressly indicate how we intend to use the data (processing goal), and we will ask for your permission for such use.

Typical goals are as follows:

  1. Answer to your request
    When you send us your personal data in the context of asking a question or formulating a request (for example, about the company, its products or services, or their quality or availability), we will use the data you provide in order to give an answer to your question/request. In some cases, it could be necessary to share your data to other data processors of third parties, exactly to make sure that you will receive an answer to your question/request, promptly and correctly, and only for this purpose.
  2. Initiating a promotion
    We could use the personal data you sent us in a promotion application form, in view of implementing a promotion, according to its declared rules. Such rules can require, as the case may be: publication of abbreviated data for the identification of winners, granting awards, the payment of taxes could require winners to take part in future advertising activities, etc. Promotions can be managed on our behalf by third-party agencies (proxies, registered with the supervision authority in the field of personal data protection) which could have access to the data you send (see proxies). Any such proxy will be presented with identification data and expressly and limiting provided operations, in which they are empowered to operate. Any necessary transfer of your personal data will be notified and explained to you in detail, and if it is compulsory, your express approval will be requested for such operations.
  3. Performance of agreements / orders
    We may use the personal data you sent us, when you order products, in view of implementing that order, and it may be necessary to share such data to third parties, such as the supplier of card payment services or the carrier of the products/awards. Such a transfer of personal data will be performed only in view of complying with your legitimate interests or for the performance of an agreement.
  4. Future direct marketing
    When you expressly choose to receive advertising/promotional materials, we will occasionally send you information and/or offers about our products and/or services, which we believe can be of interest to you. If you agree, we can also share your data or transmit them to carefully selected Transavia partner companies, which may want to send you information and/or offers about their products and/or services, as specified on the date on which we collect your data. However, at any time you can withdraw (by unsubscribing) from this future agreement. Such withdrawal / unsubscribing will lead to the cease of such information sending to you.

(b) Processing duration
Our intention is to maintain permanent contact with our customers and to initiate close relationships with our potential customers. That is why our purpose is to offer you an interactive page, which, among others, is designed to repay the loyalty of its visitors.
In this regard, in order to ensure permanent contact, our intention is to process your data as long as possible.
For any operation we are about to perform with your personal data we will request your agreement regarding the processing duration we propose or we will provide alternative that will satisfy your needs.
After the cease of the processing, the data will be deleted or turned into anonymous data, which is to be used for statistical purposes.

3. Proxies
As aforementioned, when it is necessary for organizational reasons, we may engage third parties to process or analyze the data we collect on our Internet pages, including your personal data. For example, the Internet page may be maintained or hosted by a specialized IT agency, and any of the promotions can be managed/ implemented by a specialized sales promotion agency. Moreover, if you place an order with us for a product or service, we may provide personal data to suppliers or third parties, in order to facilitate the payment or delivery of the respective product or service. These suppliers and third parties are obligated by agreement not to use your personal data in any way other than the specified one, and their identity will be revealed from the start, so that you can express your agreement or disagreement, being fully aware of all information.

4. Security
We take all precautions imposed by effective legal norms in order to ensure the security of your personal data and we request our proxies to do the same, based on extremely serious contractual grounds. All personal identification information are subject to restricted access, in order to prevent unauthorized access, or erroneous modification or use. However, please note that we may transmit your data, if so imposed by law, by search warrant, summation or judgment.

5.Cookies, etc

  1. Use of cookies
    A cookie is a string of text-only information, which the Internet page transfers to the cookie file of the browser on the hard-disk of your computer, so that the Internet page can memorize your identity.
    A cookie usually contains the name of the domain the cookie comes from, the “lifecycle” of the cookie, and a value, usually a random sole number.
    When you visit our Internet page, we will send you a cookie. Cookies may be used as follows:

    So that we can acknowledge you as sole visitor (single number) when you return to our page, and allow us to compose the content or commercials corresponding to your interests or in order to avoid showing you repeated commercials.

    So that we can compile anonymous aggregated statistics, allowing us to understand how visitors use our page and improve the structure of our page. We cannot identify you in this manner.

    Two types of cookies may be used on this page: “session cookies”, which are temporary cookies that remain in the cookie file of your browser until you leave the Internet page, and “persistent cookies”, which remain in the cookie file of your browser longer (although how long will depend on the lifecycle of every cookie).
  2. Using “web beacons”
    Some of our Internet pages may contain electronic images known as “web beacons” or counters (sometimes known as “transparent images”), which allow us to count the users who visited these pages. The counters collect only limited information which comprises a cookie number, the time and date when the page was visited, and a description of the page where the web beacon is located.

    We may also include counters placed by advertising third parties. These counters do not carry personally identifiable information and are used only to monitor the efficiency of a certain campaign. As counters are the same as any other content requirement included in the structure of an Internet page, you cannot waive or reject them. However, where counters are used with cookies, they can be disabled by changing the cookie settings of your browser.
  3. Third-party commercials
    We may use a third party to present commercials on our Internet page. Cookies can be associated with these commercials, allowing the creator of the commercial to track the number of anonymous users which respond to the campaign. We do not have access to and cannot control cookies placed by third parties.
  4. Disabling/enabling cookies
    You can accept or reject a cookie by modifying the settings of your browser. However, you might not be able to use all the interactive features of our page if cookies are disabled.

    There are several ways to manage cookies. If you use different computers in various locations, you will have to ensure that every browser is set corresponding to your cookie preferences.

    Some modern browsers have a facility which can analyze personal data protection policies in internet pages, allowing the user to control his or her personal data protection needs. These are known as “P3P” (Privacy Preferences Platform) features.

    You can easily delete any cookie that was installed in the cookie file of your browser. For example, if you use Microsoft Windows Explorer:
    • Open “Windows Explorer”
    • Click on “Search” in the toolbar
    • Type “cookie” in the search box for “Folders and Files”
    • Select “My computer” in the “Look In” box
    • Click on “Search Now” – double click on found folders
    • Select any cookie folder
    • Press “Delete” on your keyboard.

If you do not use Microsoft Windows Explorer, you have to select “cookies” in the “Help” function, so that you can find out information about your cookie folder.

6. Your rights
According to Romanian legislation, which tends to be harmonized with European Union legislation on personal data protection, some of your most important rights include:

  1. the right to obtain, upon request and free of charge for one request a year, the confirmation of the fact that your personal data is or is not processed by us;
  2. the right to withdraw your consent for processing your personal data, which you have previously consented;
  3. the right to obtain from the operator, upon request and free of charge:
    • as the case may be, the rectification, updating, blocking or deletion of the data whose processing is not according to the law, especially incomplete or inaccurate data;
    • as the case may be, turning the data whose processing is not according to the law into anonymous data;
    • Notification the third parties to whom data was disclosed for any operation performed in accordance with the sections above, unless this notification proves impossible or implies a disproportionate effort compared to the legitimate interest which could be breached;
  4. The right to oppose at any time, free of charge and without any justification, that your personal data be processed for direct marketing purposes, on behalf of the operator or a third party, or be disclosed to third parties for such a purpose.

7. Contact
If you wish to discuss with us any matter regarding personal data protection, or exercise any of your legal rights, please contact us at the telephone number specified in the contact section.

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